The following statement discloses UQuick Technologies India (P) Limited (from now on referred to as "UQuick") Technical Support Policy for customers, resellers, or students; there are some Terms and Conditions. We update our Policy systematically without any notice; kindly revisit this page hardly to stay notified about any policy modifications.

1. UQuick gives technical support to customers, resellers, or students through the knowledge base, live chat, online support, Telephonic Support, and email support.

2. In the knowledge, base customers can solve their error by searching with the error code, finding the solution, and resolving that problem independently.

3. In a live chat, customers can ask their questions or queries regarding UQuick software; they will get instant responses to their queries, and UQuick will try to solve customer queries or problems.

4. UQuick will not provide online support through any other support software like any desk.

5. In online support, UQuick gives online support through Team Viewer only. If any customer has a valid reason for not using Team Viewer, only the company will provide online support through Any Desk only.

6. While online support, the employee is transferring any data or documents, and accidentally PC has shut down due to any reason from the customer side, UQuick is not responsible for any losses or customer cannot claim any case on UQuick.

7. When any UQuick employee is giving online support, the customer has to permit access to particular files or folders for testing only that whether it is proper or not because customer satisfaction is essential as per company policy. Still, UQuick employees will ask first the customer that which file to access.

8. Customers cannot claim on UQuick employees for accessing their secret files for testing purposes. UQuick employees will first ask the customer who files to access.

9. When a customer is requesting online support, then first take all vital data backup. UQuick provides technical support for UQuick products; we don't provide any support for other Softwares.